Knowing the status of a job is the key to a successful shop. JobBOSS works the way a shop does, helping you mold parts to customer specifications, with job details and the order that work needs to be performed right at your fingertips:

  • Flexible estimating capabilities let you quickly generate quotes from scratch or copy job information from job history. Estimates can be detailed at the component level for more accurate cost.
  • Copy a quote to a job and modify the job to customer changes to streamline internal processing, save time and reduce errors. Customer changes at the job level allow you to react to customer demands.
  • Integrated purchasing lets you tie material costs to the job. Material can either be purchased to job or picked from stock, and all costs are tied to the job.
  • Labor collection drives shop floor reporting for costing, tracking and scheduling. JobBOSS lets you track labor at the component level and monitor cost overruns while jobs are in process.

In today’s fast-paced business climate, you can’t afford to waste time. JobBOSS has the agility you need to handle the real world – where customers are demanding shorter lead times and better pricing.