JobBOSS is the established leader in shop management for custom machine builders, with powerful capabilities these manufacturers rely on to improve their profitability, including:

  • An unlimited number of levels in the Bill of Material to support the large number of components and subcomponents typical of custom machine building.
  • Powerful cost analysis tools to give accurate information (either detailed or in summary) for both completed jobs and jobs still in the shop.
  • Real-time access to information on the status of assembly jobs including actual versus estimated hours for each component.
  • Links between workstations, materials and outside processes for simplifying complex scheduling requirements.
  • Flexible purchasing which allows buying material direct to the job versus to inventory, and the ability to add material on the fly and cost it to the job.

Machine builders that use JobBOSS will tell you that no other system meets their needs better.

“JobBOSS gives us the real time data and financial indicators we need to run our business more profitably – we receive immediate information on job status, what shipments are due, billing, and more.”
Todd Gallagher, General Manager, Apex Skypark, Anaheim, CA.

Extend and expand your visibility and control beyond the shop – JobBOSS can grow with your business needs.