Most fabricators do more than fabricate sheet metal – they also design, engineer, test, prototype, assemble and custom manufacture. Owners of fabrication shops will tell you that no other system meets their needs better than Exact JobBOSS. With its powerful capabilities, JobBOSS is the go-to technology for high production fabricators.

  • Simple or unlimited, multi-level Bill of Materials, with the ability to dynamically build your BOM “on-the-fly”.
  • Built-in material calculator for sheets, coils, tubing and alloy that can be customized to meet every unique material requirement.
  • Sophisticated finite or infinite capacity planning, forward or backward scheduling and “what-if” scheduling to set lasers up as finite, press brakes as infinite and welders based upon the needs for that day.
  • Powerful cost tracking for labor and material all the way to the component level.

“With JobBOSS, we were able to decrease costs, increase efficiencies by over 40%, and improve our on-time delivery to 98.3%”
Jack Anderson, NPK Manufacturing, Wickliffe, OH.

In a material-intensive business like fabrication, better usage and handling of materials can have a major impact on your bottom line. JobBOSS provides powerful capabilities that fab shops rely on to improve their profitability.