Many large organizations rely on internal job shops to provide specialized shop services such as prototype machining, tooling and engineering. While these organizations have fewer accounting requirements than a typical job shop, they clearly have similar shop management challenges.

JobBOSS offers these unique organizations the ability to implement essential shop floor management tools independent of the JobBOSS accounting package, with functionality such as:

  • Work order processing to define and track individual jobs.
  • Job scheduling to help manage workloads, run what-if scenarios and optimize shop capacity.
  • Real-time data collection for up-to-the-minute job status and monitoring of employee time & performance efficiencies.
  • Calculations of actual time and job costing to determine actual job cost.
  • Internet-based customer service features for entering orders and checking status.

Many corporate manufacturers use JobBOSS from within their internal shops, including Dow Chemical, Harley-Davidson, Eaton Corporation, Ryerson Steel and GM Powertrain.

Unlock the benefits to extend and expand your visibility and control beyond the shop – JobBOSS can grow with the needs of your internal shop.