Ongoing Customer support and satisfaction is a critical factor for all our software solutions, a philosophy that has proved itself over time and of which we are truly proud.

Our support consultants understand your needs and are on standby to field questions and solve issues. The option of remote access further ensures prompt problem solving.

Implementation & Training

Our software solutions have been developed in consultation with many thousands of users over 30 years so we have a pretty good idea of business goals, but the success of our software solutions revolve around and focus on YOUR business and how YOU need to implement the solution to achieve YOUR goals.

Our implementation programs focus on teamwork and understanding, our understanding of your (objectives) goals and ensuring how best to optimise our software for you in achieving them.

That is what we do, both at the start of the implementation and as an ongoing service.

Business Process Assessment

The investment you made in your Exact JobBOSS solution is ongoing; it is important to continue to maximize the value of your existing assets. The Exact Business Process Assessment (BPA) does just that: helps you get the most from your Exact investment by detecting opportunities for efficiency and productivity improvements.

Eliminate Unnecessary Processes

By working directly with our consultants, workarounds and non-automated processes are reduced, collaboration and communication is improved, and the actionable knowledge that users have about their Exact solutions is increased. An Exact BPA draws on the knowledge of your business and our systems to ensure a successful outcome:

  • Assess the current value you are getting from Exact products
  • Develop a roadmap for extracting greater cost/benefit value from Exact products, as well as a software lifecycle plan
  • Assess the gaps between realized and unrealized value before considering upgrading or switching vendors and products
  • Learn how to utilize and optimize Exact solutions more effectively for significant benefits now and over the long term

The Exact Business Process Assessment is a focused, efficient way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your most important business systems with simple, targeted improvements that will deliver real benefits to your bottom line. By leveraging the software you already use with a thorough and efficient analysis, unknown opportunities will be uncovered with Exact BPA.

Product Updates

Your business never stands still. Neither does Exact. That’s why we continuously update our business software solutions. This allows you to keep on using your software in an optimal way. We provide regular updates for our products, several times a year.

New and improved functionalities

With an update we improve the use of your software. Current functionalities are improved and, in most cases, new ones are added.

Controlled Release phase

Before an update is made available to all customers, a select group of customers works a considerable time with the update. Under our supervision. During this Controlled Release phase we monitor if the update meets the market’s requirements and wishes.

Valid maintenance agreement

Exact Product updates are only available when you have entered into a maintenance agreement with us. The contract has been signed when you purchased our software.