Empowering Small to Mid-Sized Organizations with Innovative Business Solutions

We specialises in business solutions (in Southern Africa) ideally for small to mid-sized businesses including corporate divisions seeking to maximize productivity and increase access to critical information. We offer award winning products to unify the people, business processes and information that matter.

Job Management Software by JobBOSS

The right job shop software solution at the right time can make all the difference. Exact JobBOSS job shop software has led the field for decades because it’s built around the needs of the user, striking the right balance between superior technology and practical affordability.


Exact Synergy Enterprise is a powerful web-based solution that enables you to integrate, manage, control and improve the way all your people work together through integrated workflows, documents and projects, thus adding value across your business.

Professional Services

Ongoing Customer support and satisfaction is a critical factor for all our software solutions, a philosophy that has proved itself over time and of which we are truly proud. Our support consultants understand your needs and are on standby to field questions and solve issues.

Our Products

By integrating traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) with customer relationship management (CRM), electronic workflow management, project management and business activity monitoring, the Exact solutions offer increased visibility and control across the enterprise and empower businesses to improve interdepartmental cooperation, tighten supply chain relationships, and ultimately grow more profitable.


JobBOSS is a complete manufacturing software package that puts total shop control at your fingertips. Developed specifically for job shops and make-to-order / contract manufacturers, JobBOSS equips you to see and manage your business like never before. Powerful and easy-to-use features instantly create efficiencies throughout your business to boost your profits.

  • Job Control with JobBOSS
    You’ve heard it from the shop floor to the front office: Reduce costs. Boost productivity. Increase the ROI. These are demands that are heard throughout an organization.Successful companies treat customer service as a top priority. But does your customer service strategy translate to success for your customers?

    Through workflow management, business activity monitoring, and business intelligence, Exact solutions create value and bring assurance to both your company and your customers.

  • Shop Floor Management
    Without a robust production planning system in place you have to rely on your gut or a manual scheduling board that might be a week or more out of date. In order to give you customers a delivery date you need an efficient way to manage scheduling, re-scheduling and the bottlenecks in your shop.
    • Create A Quote
    • Enter A Job
    • Schedule & Track Status
    • View Key Metrics
    • Manage Materials
    • Ship Parts
    • Review Final Costs


Synergy provides a web-based business process management solution that connects the people, processes and knowledge that matter most to your business. By creating a real-time, accurate view of the organization’s personnel, financials, workflow, documents and asset information, businesses can obtain control over their operations, enhancing decision-making, analysis and scenario planning.